Quick Shadow Catcher

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a small add-on to create a quick shadow catcher for product and archviz. It requires a bit of tweaking, but it supports:

  • viewport rendering,
  • reflecting own shadows,
  • correct reflections of the environment
  • full GI generally.

Here is a small demo of what it can do. At the begining you can see how the reflection of the way is wrong by default and that it’s corrected after this new shadow catcher is activated:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Looks good. This is a very useful thing.

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Needs different channels (texture inputs) for illumination, reflection, refraction and background :wink:

The goal is to make it easy to have realistic results in few clicks when integrating 3D objects in real world footage and to have it work in many more situations compared to the current solution. If it has enough success, I’ll add more channels. For illumination, it is mostly for night scenes I guess? Could be also added later.

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Nice! Will you also be able to assign a material to the Shadow Catcher, or at least add (glossy) reflections? I really miss that in the current Shadow Catcher.

Here’s a very good thread about what the Cycles Shadow Catcher lacks compared to V-Ray:

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Can’t wait to see it in action. Will this be commercial? If so, will E-C users get a discount?

It will be commercial, but on a lower price segment. I think I’ll start at 10$ until I add more features to make it at around 20-30$ when it has everything. Updates will be free for early adopters.

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Nearly everything mentioned in this thread is solved with this quick shadow catcher addon I think. And reflection can be added.

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