quick shadow questions

What are the settings to make a very soft shadow?
Can shadows be toggled on and off?
Finally, if i parent a plane to act as a shadow I want it to be parented to an object that is above the ground like a airplane as the plane moves over terrain and even over rock objects will the shadow move over those objects like a realtime shadow? if yes a little detail in the answer please


Here is one approach you can take to soft shadows:

There is no other way than python? That’s surprising


If you have a spotlight, it will cast shadows. Unfortunately they are hard. The patch in that blog post allows you to adjust the softness of those shadows. If you are comfortable with building blender, you can apply the patch and have those options. Otherwise, wait and hope that it ends up in trunk and grab a build from graphicall when that happens.

What about my other idea parenting the shadow to my object. If let;s say a plne is flying above ground can the parented shadow follow the terrain even if other objects like rocks are on the ground. i am guessing no


I am not too sure how you can project the shadow. But you may be able to do something with a technique like this:

There’s a branch on Graphicall which has soft shadows for spotlights in the game engine.

Here a 32bit version, see middle of page for ‘realtime soft shadow & alpha shadow’: