Quick sketch 01

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Very nice.
Would just like to mention this forum category expects you to have one sketchbook thread containing a list of sketches, not a separate thread for each sketch.
Keep up sketching!

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im aware, i was just super selfconcious about the fact that the stuff in my portfolio was so old, and the vast majority of it was wip. It reflected poorly on me, so i needed a place to dump some recent stuff of mine just to update the portfolio :sweat_smile:

They’ll be spammed away shortly, i hoped none of them would receive any replies

Cool little robot. I’m a big Ratchet and Clank fan and this guy looks like he would fit into one of those games! :blue_heart:

i to am a big fan of rathcet and clank, i didnt take inspiration from that series, but i wont deny that the counless hours i sunk into the game affected the end result :stuck_out_tongue: