Quick Smoke Animation stuck

So I want the most basic thing you could imagine. A monkey head with a quick smoke animation. But it isn’t working. My smoke animation is stuck and can barely move after every finished playback thing (I’m a beginner :)). Could anyone help me with this problem here’s a video: https://vimeo.com/592359869

actually it should work,
blender must simulate the smoke from 1 to end
if you jump to a frame the simulation is missing and the smoke is gone,
in the picture I have marked a few points that you can test, generally it is good to start with a small resolution and then increase so that it looks good.
Switch the type to Modular then the simulation can be baken and is visible throughout,
maybe you have frame dropping on, so that the framerate stays but skipping frames, then the simulation jumps for example and
is not shown correctly if you are in replay mode

doesn’t work. its definelity not a issue with my pc from hardware perspective. The smoke is now not even showing :confused: .I just dont understand that noone else has this issue. I’m gonna setup a VM and test if it works there…


You can try out this scene,
You only have to enter a cashpath and then bake it.

test_smoke.zip (2.3 MB)

in case you are still in Replay-cache_type , you have also switched the frame rate to every frame ?!

Got it already. Had to run with admin rights