Quick Softbody Question

I am starting to work with soft bodies seriously for the first time and I had a quick question…is it still necessary/recommended to bake soft bodies when rendering animation? I was reading this in documentation that’s fairly old (from 2005 I think) and just wondered whether that was still necessary or not.


it is currently, but some of the SVN versions do not have that option so it makes things a little confusing.

**EDIT-- nevermind, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I just did a quick test and you don’t have to bake it.

In 2.45 you need to bake if you want to render anything with motion blur since this asks for frames back in time. Not baked soft bodies will reset then and render as if without soft body settings. Vice versa everything that goes straight forward in time should not require baking. However i would suggest baking before render, just to avoid nasty surprises.
In SVN the baking has been replaced by ‘point cache’, so if you run the animation once it is like the old bake. Note point cache won’t work with fresh unsaved files, since there is no valid file path where to put the cache files.