Quick solution to mirror mod. problem?

Hey there, I modeled half of this string for my swimsuit and then I wanted to make the other half by adding mirror modifier but I´m getting some weird results (see picture). I was wondering, if I duplicate the one half, is there a way to “mirrorize” it separately and then position it?


Try Alt + R

It looks like you rotated the origin of the model, thus rotation the mirror.

And yes, you can duplicate, press S to scale and then -1 on the X Y or Z, depends which you want to mirror, probably X [So again, Duplicate “Shift + D”, Scale “S”, X axis “X”, -1 “type -1”, then select all “Shift + A”, reset the normal’s “Ctrl + N”] TADA!

it looks like your object origin is off center. go to object mode and clear out the x location . press n to bring up the properties panel then set the x location to 0. your object will jump to the right slightly but dont worry about that. go into edit mode and select the string and move it back along the x into position, you’ll see the mirrored piece moving into its own position automatically. if that fails which if your main model is slightly of center then it won line up correctly. simply finish modelling the half strap that fits then apply the mirror modifier and move the strap to position manually

Journeyman Ctrl+N asks me if I want to load the startup file.

Troll both, the figure and the swimsuit are far away from the center so I dont know if reseting the x will be a good idea.

Must be Shift + N then. See, that’s what happens when you use a application too long, now I do things so automatically, now I can hardly think what the Hotkeys are…

EDIT: Uuh, no wait, just went and checked, I was right but I forgot to mention you have to be in edit mode “TAB” :o

hmm thats awkward :smiley:

ok so presuming the the origin for your model is centered in the model itself, if not it should be or things will get awkward later.

to set the origin centered on your model in object made select the model then press the set origin button in the tool bar and choose origin to geometry
now press shift s and set the 3d cursor to selected.
select the string and press again set origin and choose origin to 3d cursor.
your string origin will now be in the same position as the model origin which is in the center of the model. now just go into edit mode and adjust your string as required

Most of the time I see something like that happening, I just hit Alt-A and apply the rotation. It normally solves any screwy issues I may have. Sorry if I didn’t answer the question!