quick stuff i made

almonds covered in caramel i guess!?


before image of golem


after the battle for middle earth (the movie doesn’t show what really happened)


my snowball


my snowball is now hollow ice


lastly my ugly ball of intestints i guess


I like the snow material

I agree with the snow looking good but I must say the smeagol mesh is amazing

Have you seen this site Mirage? http://battles.mudpuddle.co.nz/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=22

There is a challenge there where you have to make certain materials using only procedural textures, check it out.

You have some nice materials there.

The first one looks like natto to me, a traditional Japanese food, fermented soy beans … very slimy. It is the most disgusting food I’ve ever had, closely followed by nankotsu, crumbed chicken cartilage, another Japanese delicacy. For a German the name nankotsu should be warning enough, because kotzen is the German word for “to puke”. That said, I have to add that the Japanese cuisine offers a lot of very tasty dishes as well, like yakisoba, yakitori, okonomiyaki, sushi, sashimi, udon, gyoza (which is originally from china) and many more.

Back to the topic: As the others, I like the snow. The hollow ice needs some refraction. And gollum needs eyes and mouth interior. :wink: Aside from that, you made him very well.

thanx for the good comments and critique everybody
Usagi sounds like you’ve tried alot of world foods.
Wiggie thx for the website,i havent seen it before, I just started making materials and i never knew how fun it is, Ima enter my work in the contests so thx for the site.

You hit my favorites, plus tonkatsu, not sure on the spelling.

I like the snow texture also.

man’ rendering in my computer sucks, I have a 800MHZ, 126 ram,
and 20 gigs of hardrive memory.

The snow and ice look pretty good. The rest look okay I guess.