Quick, stupid question - Solved

Hey everyone. I’m new to the Blender Game engine, and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a really dumb problem I have.

I stuck a cube above a rectangular prism. I made the cube a dynamic actor, and hit play. The cube never contacts the platform. It stops about .1 blender units away from the surface.

The cube is 2 BU^3, and the radius of the default bounding sphere for the cube is 1. IN other words, it should work…

Here’s some screens


I don’t know what kind of bounds you’re using, but you could try reducing the bound size.

No question is ever dumb, even if your new. The only time a question is dumb is if you aren’t willing to do the work to fix it.

Anyways, straight to your question. Essentially, this will never be a problem because the player will never really be able to see it. Fortunately; however, if you would like this to be a character (or an object that doesn’t flip), you could go into edit mode and modify the center of your object so it is slightly higher than the actual center of your cube.


That’s just something that Bullet physics does, no matter what bounds you use. I’m not sure why; maybe the extra gap makes it harder for mistakes to happen.

That’s just something that Bullet physics does

Actually all physical engines do that (some have the gap smaller than others), and it’s somekind of precission thing, the gap can be made smaller at the cost of cpu processing power, not recomended. But it can always be faked as Yournamehere said.

Thanks for all the replies, guys. Giving the bounds a smaller radius solved the problem