Quick test to put cg into a picture


I have been lurking for sometime in blenderartists.org forum and now I thought I should start also posting :o. Well here is a little test adding cg to picture. I have project at the moment where I have to track camera movement and add cg. Here is first test adding cg. done in 30mins.

(link to bigger picture)


Not bad, but the lighting doesn’t quite match. Notice the emensly soft shadows under the cars. Also, the lighting on the 3D object is a bit brighter, and not equally distributed. Use a hemi light to light it, and an area light for shadows (turn on Shadows only on the area lamp).

I can’t see anything, no picture, no link :frowning:

Use a buffer-shadowed spot light (Irregular or Classical-Halfway) rather than a ray-traced lamp or spot. Set the soft value to about 40, and up the samples to 16. This should give the shadows the softness it needs.

Also, the image shows a very cloudy day, meaning that light is dispersed. This effect is similar to Ambient Occlusion. So, try playing with the AO settings to achieve the best effect.


What would also help it to be a bit more realistic is if you were to add something in front of the spider thing, like have a rock in front of one of the feet.

Thanks for the advice. I probably won’t use them on this picture. As I said this was only a quick test to see how it is done in Blender.


I would hope you could try some of the the recommendations listed above, especially shading and shadows…don’t worry about the rock. The suggestions seem easy enough and if they work well, I would like to see this as a tutorial or in the gallery.


I had some freetime so I tried to add things suggested here. This is the result:

AO really made difference to the shadow. As for any rock or something like that I only made some “dust”. I tried to add footprints but couldn’t make them look anything put horrible.


lol thats pretty funny! good job

wow…huge difference on the shadow and shading…great job!

That looks really cool. Nice!