Quick Texture Painting Tutorial, not working here.

I’m following this quick tutorial here:

When I start to paint moving the mouse over the 3D object doesn’t return any painting on it. As soon I start to paint the circle cursor appear still and doesn’t follow the mouse movement. Also I don’t see any painting on the mesh.
Btw, I’ve got a mesh unwrapped and a new material assigned to the UV but no luck.

Any hint?
Edit: never mind, got it! :slight_smile:

Not sure which step you missed in the tutorial but here are a few things to check:
The 3D view is in Texture Paint mode (Not Vertex Paint mode)
The view is textured (just shaded wont show the texture)
Make sure the image is assigned to the texture, when you unwrap it shows the flat mesh on the uv image but you still have to select the image in the drop down menu of the image editor
Hope that helps with your problem.