Quick Tip- Despeckle Node

I just ran into this node today and thought I’d quickly share how it works.


I’ve been playing with this node on my current project, trying to use it to get rid of noise and not have to wait a week for a short animation to finish rendering.
But I can’t get the hang of it, and I’m on the verge of just quitting Cycles for good, other than to use sparingly for just humans in the very foreground (which I’ve never thought BI does well) and comping them onto a BI background.
I want to use Cycles for animation. I do love Cycles. But the length of time it takes Cycles to render animation, (even with a new machine) is too painful. I’ve wanting to turn the samples down to something like 175, but even that, even (from what I can tell with this despeckler) isn’t good enough for animation. And it can take forever for Cycles to render a very short clip at that very low setting.
Then, spend a few hours converting the same scene to BI, do a render, and it shoots out in seconds.
It’s depressing.

I’ll play with the despeckler more. But I don’t have much hope Cycles can be the choice for animation, aside from rich people who have a basement full of i7’s and few good ideas.

Actually, after I wrote that I went did an experiment with the Despeckler at 40 samples. I’ll post it here when it’s uploaded to YouTube. This thing actually could be extremely helpful. Give me a minute and it’ll be up. And you get to hear me eat my words.


The Despeckle node is perhaps best used for fireflies (also anti-fireflies) in a scene vice noise. So rather than explain precisely the differences of fireflies and noise actually is, perhaps the following link to a video from an artist in poland will be best. I think you will ease frustration and have much better success with the methods taught in this video. Note that you only have to be a member “citizen” as they like to call it to download ONLY the files. The video may be watched by all.

Not sure if this ends up helping you but it sure helped me with both noise and fireflies. Indeed, I now average about 1/3 to 1/2 rendering samples per scene. What a time and pain saver!

All the best,

Yeah, I think you’re right.
I’ve seen this tutorial before, but those node setups gave me a headache. I guess I’ll have to go back and watch that again, and really study up.
I had a lot of hope the Despeckler could get rid of noise, I even thought it was. But now that I’ve gone back to this morning’s experiment I was doing on it, it wasn’t really doing anything but pulling out Fireflies.
It would be nice to just have a “denoise” node that would automatically do a lot of things this guy does with that massive node complex…

UPDATE: I watched that again. It’s a great tutorial. It goes into a lot of things I’ve been wondering about lately. Post processing, denoising, etc.
I think the first time I watched it, I probably didn’t get all the way through. I think I was intimidated.
Anyway. It’s good for studying. Pretty much a textbook on state of the art Cycles filmmaking.
Thanks again. One of my fave tutorials so far.