Quick Tips For A Semi-Noob

Hello everyone! I’ve gotten the basics of Blender down, and I can partly animate and texture, but the results are not that great. I’m wanting to enter a game-making contest that ends in about 25 days, so I don’t have much time to do everything. I can get my game logic, UI, and all of the other stuff down fine, but my only roadblock are the models. It’s going to be an action game, and there will be equippable parts, so my animations have to work across different assets (if that makes sense). As well, I’ll be using Unreal Engine 4, if that helps anyone out. Any suggestions on what I may need to read or watch? I don’t have much time to learn, and I can make some things, they just won’t be all too good. I also need to be able to apply UVs properly, since I’ll need to instance the textures during runtime (and also why I’m posting this question in the “Materials and Textures” section). Thank you!