Quick Tips for a starter?

Well, basically i found out about blender earlier today and ive done a couple of tutorials like grass, futuristic hallway (at the blender.org site) and a few others. I know my way around the program but what id like to know is if u guys know of any tutorials that will help me work on modelings faces, mainly ones like the one call “The Big Red Button” here in the gallery. I thought it was best ti post here so i could get involved in the community sooner than later :spin: Thanks guys

Well, welcome to Blender Artists. There’s a good video tutorial on modeling faces in the community journal #2 (scroll all the way to the bottom) which includes decent reference pictures of Adrianna.

Never mind, the Adrianna tutorial is for realistic faces, not Sago toon style.

Ok, take a look at Calvin’s simple page, he offers several tutorials in cartoon related matters, and has blends available that you can download to study the way he puts his models together.

Finally, go through Intro to Character Animation which is a modeling, materials, lighting, rigging, and animation quick start tutorial.

Have fun. Post your work so we can cheer you on! :smiley:

Thanks so much! and will do. I’m gonna get to work on those now! <3!:eyebrowlift:

Well here it is my first attempt at the head :smiley:

That’s a lot better than my first attempt at a head. Could we see a wireframe?

you seem to learn fast. took me a long time to get to the crappy level i am at now. but then agian i have no 3d art or normal are expierence whatsoever

Welcome on board by the way!

You might be interested in the character animation book in my signature. You can find it at most bookstores, or look inside it at Amazon:

Buying it from the Blender e-Shop (in the link in my signature) helps support Blender development.