Quick Toolbox addon for Blender 2.8+ [Cyber sale in Blender market- Get it now]

Thanks for the report, I will look into it and update in next release. However I will send you a quick fix after sometime :blush:.
I’m not at my work place atm.

Hi, I find no error while installing in Blender 2.90.1.
From your screenshot, it looks like your interface is being customized by some addons which removed Blender’s default header VIEW3D_HT_header.
In order to fix this issue from my side, you will need to change some codes in quick_toolbox.py. But this hacky way will remove the toolbox button from the top right corner of all the headers. You can still access the toolbox with SPACEBAR.

  • Open quick_toolbox.py in a script editor (Blender text editor will work).
  • Delete line 1273 col.prop(addon_prefs, 'show_toolbox_button')
  • Delete line 1702 col.prop(self, 'show_toolbox_button')
  • Delete line 2364 bpy.types.VIEW3D_HT_header.append(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2365 bpy.types.IMAGE_HT_header.append(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2366 bpy.types.NODE_HT_header.append(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2367 bpy.types.SEQUENCER_HT_header.append(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2391 bpy.types.VIEW3D_HT_header.remove(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2392 bpy.types.IMAGE_HT_header.remove(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2393 bpy.types.NODE_HT_header.remove(bs_header_button)
  • Delete line 2394 bpy.types.SEQUENCER_HT_header.remove(bs_header_button)

I tried what you advised me but it brings me back to another mistake, but you helped me to find the addons that modify the interface. :partying_face:

so I tried to disable it and try to enable Quick Toolbox, it works! :slight_smile: and I reactivated BlenderAtelier_Sculpt afterwards and it worked, I have all the tools at the same time
Thanks you !

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That’s awesome!!. So happy to hear it’s fixed. :blush:

I have released a new update.
Some main changes-

  • Users can now hide/show almost all elements in the toolbox
  • This update will allow users to make small and compact toolbox.
  • Users can now enable an option to show all brush settings in the sidebar.
  • The favourites menu has been given some love. Favourites menu can now have multiple columns like toolbox. And also selecting a tool will close the menu instantly.
  • Users can hide the filter letters.
  • And many bug fixes.
    New Favourites menu.

Different toolbox width in different modes isn’t complete yet, and it will take some time. :slight_smile:
Hope you all like the update and I will work to make it better. :slight_smile: :blush:


With over 150+ downloads of Quick Toolbox add-on, I want to thank all of you for your support and helping me to make the add-on better.
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I have two toolbox buttons ?!? If I disable “Show toolbox button” I have only one. But I really don’t want to have one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report. I will see why it occurs.
For now, try deactivating and enabling the add-on again…
If you can reproduce the bug, please reply or message me with the steps to reproduce the bug. That would help me a lot to solve it. :hugs:

EDIT: I have removed the toolbox button completely, and sent the updated addon to you. Check your inbox. :smiley:

In fact I cannot reproduce it. But I had the same thing with another addon before, but I don’t know which one anymore. I think it has something to do with activating addons in general. Thanks for the special version anyway. :sunglasses:


Changes v1.0.4.1-

  • Toolbox now compatible with newer version. It was already compatible but there were some issues.
  • Toolbox button, now removed temporarily as these causes some issues which led to multiple toolbox button at top right corner.
  • And some minor bug fixes.

Note: After updating, be sure to disable and enabled the add-on once for changes to take effect.

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Ive noticed a bug in 2.91 where the “favourite” menu ui is bugged and become very wide.

Otherwise, great addon!

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Thanks for reporting the bug.
I will check what’s wrong. :hugs:

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