Quick Toolbox addon for Blender 2.8+

Then I will give an option in future update to save current favourites as global, so everytime in a new file the global favourites will be also loaded, Users can filter out global favourites if they want. :grin:

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I’m eagerly looking forward to the update that allows to set a custom menu activation key like the Spacebar.

Hi, in the new version, (the one I sent you through Gumroad email), you can change the shortcut key to spacebar, from settings button. Also you can access only the favourites with shortcut Alt V which can aslo be changed to other shortcut… This will be very useful I guess. Or You want a different type of toolbar?

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Thanks for doing this add-on and having it working for all modes! :+1:
You are already implementing new ideas - great. So in addition to the remaining wishes as mentioned before, I got two more ideas, which came to my mind:

  • option to have the main window pop up centered to the cursor instead of using the upper left corner
  • letting the alphabet letter buttons behave as toggles: clicking on an active letter again, deactivates the filter→ show all



Thanks so much😊!

Nice, I will check that if it’s possible.

That will be a nice addition :blush:, I will put it in Todo list.

This features will really make the workflow fast and efficient!!
Thanks again for feedbacks and proposal for new features! If you have any features in mind, I am eagerly waiting for it. I will try to implement it.


I replaced B with Spacebar myself but can you tell me how to disable the toolbar button. I do not need it.

Also find this behavior better. But more like push space (B), click a tool and the window closed.

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Two more :wink:

  • UI: to quickly open/close the prefs, it would be better to just keep the prefs iconbutton on it’s position
  • as the sculpt brush presets do show up now, could you have this working for grease pencil as well?


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Hi, I didn’t provide any button to disable the toolbox button at top right, but I will add it in.

for the toolbox I am currently working on it. Alternatively I have added a favourites toolsmenu to show the favorite tools, there you can click a brush and the menu closes.
You can access it with shortcut Alt V. :blush:


Awesome, it will be implemented in next update, coz that is an easy one xD

I am so much shocked that I didn’t try Grease pencil mode. I am definitely going to check if I can.
Thanks man!


Yes thank you, I meant where in the addon code I can exclude this. But I can also wait for the update.
I have not yet come to search for my favourites together. But I do not understand why the two menus should behave differently.
For me this addon makes most sense in fullscreen. And i don’t have fixed workflows so i don’t need the favorites that much. But sure i can put all in the favorit menue and uncheck from time to time what i totally don’t need.

You can go down at the bottom of code in register and unregister function.
In register function, delete the last line-


In Unregister function remove this line-


They behave different because favourites is a menu and the toolbox is a pop up dialog. Menu closes by itself when clicked and popup doesn’t.

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Ahh… Thanks. For me it is o.k. to use only the favourites menu. I just change the keyboard shortcuts. :+1:

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Yes, that’s what I wanted the favourites menu to be used for… it can be used as quick brush switching, while toolbox can be used for switching a brush which is not favourited!
:blush: Thanks to you, I will try to add the remove toolbox button

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If I am the only one who has asked for it, leave it. I am satisfied with the exclusion in the code.

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I would agree. Saving the prefs in the actual prefs menu seems nicer/more consistent.
Saving per file seems like it could be nice, but might be more confusing for many people?

Or maybe if can have both options if not too much work. An override that takes global settings and if that’s turned off, uses the file settings?


Yes, that will be much better I think. I will provide an option in toolbox to show global fav or per file fav.


looking good, here’s my review and thoughts


Thanks soo much Steven!! It really means a lot to me. I really appreciate it!.
Thanks for sharing a review! :heart_eyes:

Some features implemented for the next update-

  • The toolbox can be viewed in all modes and editor in the next update, Yes! Editors- It works in Node editor, UV editor, Image painting, Video sequencer and any other editor where tools are present!
  • Custom brush presets in Grease pencil Draw mode and vertex mode is now supported!!
  • Settings button will now show all settings including shortcuts which can be customized.
  • Spacebar will be the default shortcut of Toolbox from the next update as it can now show in any mode.
    I am now working on Global and local favourites.
    If you have any suggestion or feedback please do share it here :blush:

@Metin_Seven I am currently implementing the Import Favourites feature. I wanted to ask when you import favourite, should the current global favourites be overwritten with the imported ones or the imported favourites should add up with the existing ones?

Currently if we import favourite, it will overwrite existing global favourites.

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