Quick toony girl.

Just someone I worked on for about eight hours. Loosely based on myself and extremely toony. Hope y’all like it.:smiley:


It’s a passable image overall. I like the relaxed pose - not sure if you rigged mesh. The trou’s are a bit box like - I think you may have done this last. Image two is the better one in my opinion. The edge setting button is cool isn’t it ?

Yeah, I just threw it together in a short amount of time. No, she’s not rigged, posed by hand. The capris are supposed to be boxed, I think it’s more toony. Thank you for the comments.

You need to make her face more feminine. But overall its looking like a good character.

So that’s what those things are called. Got to admit, I learned something for future reference.

Blendn4jesus was a chick?? man, I’m all messed up… Howd you get 440 sumthin posts so quick???

Anyhoo, i bet this was some good practice with shading and nodes :smiley:

Sammaron, yes :wink: and lots of projects and Universal Vending Machine (although I only play when my buddy’s around.) Nope, practice not being realistic. No nodes and no toon shading actually. Except for the RBG to BW node.

My face doesn’t need to be more feminine I don’t think. I did use myself as a reference y’know. :wink:

@ Bec’s y’know males are quite differcult to communicate with and even worse to comunicate to, most of us have very selective hearing and even more selective perception. So you may have to hammer this in a few times to get your point across. Unfortunately there is no solution . . .

haha kbot, I live with two of you, including my annoying and loving little bro.

Updated girl for my avatar, I included the famous coffee cup from my mancandy avatar. :smiley: