Quick tutorial // Make an infinite realtime terrain generator for animations in Blender 2.8X


IMPORTANT, READ BEFORE PLAY!!! Due to some technical problems between the video editor (Wich I’m not gonna use it anymore) and the soundcard, there are high pitched sound glitchs, specially at the end when I speak to camera…really annoying…please be advised, don’t put the volume too high at the end of the video, sorry for that mistake
What a deal! Learn to make an infinite terrain generator in realtime in less than 5 mins! Boil pasta?..that´s too much time wasted! Eat Blender!
Hi guys, this is my first tutorial so it might don´t look as sharp as other great tutorials out there, but if this kind of content ends with people waiting for more, for sure i will improve and surprise with more of this stuff in a shorter time.
But for now, go and watch it…learning something new in less of 5 mins and free is better than watching baby Yoda dancing for 1 hour.

Feedback is always welcome, but don´t need to tell how bad the sound is, i´m aware of it…at least it has captions so sound can be turned off and follow the on-screen indications . I´m really embarrashed about the sound, but things are learnt sometimes in the hard way, hope you get something useful out of this…next time will be better. :wink: