Quick UDIM question: how to give each tile its own image texture

Im trying to wrap my head around UDIM and im starting to understand it a bit.
I know how to create tiles and give every island a different tile so you can use the full resolution for every island. I know how to give each tile a seperate color, but I can’t figure out how to give every tile a seperate image texture. For example, what if i want to give the first tile a brick image texture, the second one a wooden one and the third one a metal one… How would I achieve this so I can give every island a different image?

I have never used this but it looks like you fill the tiles then save the image/s and then edit them elsewhere if you want to add a texture.


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I’ve used the UDIM feature for some character work recently. When you use the “fill tile”, it creates a blank image for each UDIM sector 1001, 1002, 1003 etc. When you use “save image” in the UV editor it saves an image for each UDIM tile. It confused me at first, but once I checked in the save directory I was finding that it automatically saves all images. You can then edit the images in photoshop or wherever. Or they’ll get filled when you paint on the object.