quick unwrapping question

When i unwrap there is a blue face for draw faces. I unselect it.
question: should I unselect it and why is there a square around my
unwrapped model?


I’m sorry, I don’t understand your problem. Could you rephrase it and be more specific?

There is a square around my map look at image. Also under Uv image editor in the view menu there is a selection called view faces if it is selected there is a blue square, like the image you see only blue. what is that view faces for?



the link doesn’t seem to be working for me.

‘Draw Faces’ means the UV/Image editor will draw semi-transparent faces between any 3 or 4 vertices that form a face in the UV map. By default these faces are blue for unselected faces, and light purple if you select 4 verts that form a face. The colors kind of add up if they overlap, so bright blue colors mean you have a bunch of overlapping UV’s.

  1. Your link does not work.
  2. There is no entry in the view menue called “view faces”, but there is an entry called “Draw Faces”. Well, it draws the faces between the vertices…

There is a documentation which may be a bit outdated regarding UV mapping, but simply follow the brilliant tutorial by Derek Marsh and I think you will learn what’s necessary.

Hope that helps.

Just wanted to know what that square around my unwrapped face was. I can’t get that image link to work. Imageshack lately has been off, so i can’t show you waht i mean. I read derek’s tut a few weeks ago.