Quick UV mapping question...

I knew how to do this with version 2.41, but everything has changed in 2.42a and now I’m lost.

I have a model and I want to get a UV map that is the “top projection” of that model. I used to be able to use a command in 2.41 that was something like “get uv’s from window”, but now I can’t find it in 2.42a. This is a simple model that is basically a box with some beveled edges. What’s the easiest, fastest method of UV mapping this in 2.42a?


I think this is what you want: in face select mode, go to top view, press U-key and select one of the Project from View options.

Thanks for that, I would have never figured it out. So they removed the UV mapping from the menus and now it’s -only- available with a keystroke? That’s not particularly user friendly :frowning:

FWIW you can do the same thing from the Face menu with 2 extra mouse clicks :rolleyes: . There’s no unwrapping mode choices in the UV panels except the option to switch between Angle based (now the default) and LCSM when you pick Unwrap from the popup menu.

I know - I haven’t seen anything about why that was done either.