Quick UV texture show in cycles, like BI

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Ive got a question concerning a uv mapped mesh. In blender internal when you select a mesh and go into edit mode it shows the UV map with correct UV texture. However in cycles i dont see this behavior, is this cause of the preview mode in cycles? I remember in earlier version a preview or view node need to added to the mat.

Am i missing something?

still need to be in texture mode and have node for image on your material!

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Im remembering something like that. But it doesnt seem to switch to the proper texture in the UV editor.
Ive made a screengrab, also tried it again using node materials. Perhaps that was the cause, i know when switching between engines uv sometimes need to be uv unwrapped again?

In the preview under cycles the doesnt switch to used uv texture like BI. PS im not talking about the preview in the 3d viewport, i mean the UV editor… hope im a clear here


don’t need to re unwrap it is done ounce

you might need to re select the image in image node may be
and select the proper image in UV editor

otherwise not certain I understand the problem!
can you upload sample file with pack image may be

when changing render
it is possible some changes happened and might be a bug !

by the way which bl version are you using ?

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Okay ill try to explain it better, i was perhaps a bit unclear. I sometimes use the BI because it shows the UV map without a hustle :slight_smile:
When a object has a UV map or a material with a texture when the mesh is selected in the viewport in the uv editor it switches to the correct texture. I dont see this happening with cycles.

SO in the scene ive added, when i select the asphalt in the uv editor it switches to the correct texture. In cycles not happens and it keeps show the last chosen texture. I find this very confusing…


Blender_UV_tex-show.blend (200 KB)

in texture mode you can select material in mat list
but in cycles it wont select for you the proper UV map
you can select uv image in the uv editor

normally I work only in bl or cycles no switching between the 2 mode
don’t need to do that !

in any case your file does not have any image texture in bl!
only cycles nodes image!

but why do you need to mix mode between bl and cycles?

in this case here you have only one uv unwrap with 2 images on 2 mat

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I just use blender as modeller and use thea render to render. I sometimes use cycles to quickly see how uv maps show on the mesh. What i like from the BI is that function that it shows the correct UV texture when a face is selected.

The example was to show the function wish seems different in both uv editors together with the viewport.

In BI when you select a face the uv editor switches to the corresponding texture in the UV editor. This does not happen when engine is set to cycles. In BI it doesnt even matter if its a cycles mat, its the function what im after.

hope this is more clear :slight_smile:

there is a hierarchy of things
object --> material --> textures

one mat can have more then one texture UV or not!

so you need to select face for material but then still have to select which texture you want
and must be in texture mode to see UV texture in viewport
but again this wont select texture in UV editor !

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I just dont understand the part why BI does show it in UV editor and cycles not. its not some kind of setting right? It also doesnt show when mesh has single material or uv map. It seems like functionality missing. Each time youll edit a mesh or want to check its uv map on the texture youll need to find it in UV editor, thats a lot of double work as it seems to me

Blender internal can show face assigned textures in textured viewport shading mode (default multitexture), and material assigned textures in material viewport shading mode (glsl). Cycles shows selected image texture node in textured shading, and tries to show material output in material shading but those preview modes aren’t very reliable. Render preview is most reliable with it, which of course doesn’t help much with texture painting.

Enable node wrangler addon and you can ctrl+shift+select a node, the addon connects it to the material output (shader directly, or emission shader in between for everything else). Switch viewport to material or rendered viewport shading to see the result.

object can have up 32 000 materials
each material can have up to 18 textures

in case of bl it will pick the first texture in the list or the selected one
same thing I guess for cycles

blender cannot guess which texture you want to see you have to select it
or bl will pick the first one by default

I know there are some minor differences between bl and cycles !

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I think your not understanding what im trying to explain here. Let me try it again.

The model has already been uv unwrapped and a texture has been assigned. Now when you come back to a model and go into edit mode, if you than select a face in the uv editor it shows the correct texture in BI. In cycles only the last image selected will show and will keep showing that when you select a different texture. In BI it switches depending on which texture it got when it was UV unwrapped.

Hope you understand this explanation better

in bl when you select texture in texture list it will select the UV

problem is that in cycles there is no such list only nodes
so you have to select the proper node image

there is a big difference working between bl and cycles
and also a lot of modifications were done in paint texture which affected the UV editor

hope it is what your looking for
(sorry English is not my first language)

happy cl

Well i cycles when selecting a texture for the UV i see the same list as in BI. I just dont get it way BI shows it automatically and cycles doesnt. Probably its just not possible, not sure why though.

But thanks for the help!

did another simple file with 2 mat and 2 texture

and in cycle when you select face it does not select uv image only node image

it could be a bug !

can you make a quick bug report and see what answer you get may be?

also have to remember
faces can be assigned to more then one image I think
and if you have more then one texture it may not work too!

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Okay i try that, im not sure this is a bug. Ive noticed this for a very long time and just took it as okay… Ill try to make a report, not sure how to do so but it think it will present it self clearly on how to do so.

Ill get back asap when i got answer there.

Thanks again!

you may need to register
open a blend file go at top help meu and select bug report

this will open the site for bug report
add the hash tag for your version
try to make a small sample file with pack image and drag and drop it into thread for bug

do it fast before next B version if possible

I did a bug report 2 days ago and it is already removed
so it is fast

happy cl