Quick, very easy, one-off, $20 through Paypal

Important (to you guys) thing first: I’ll pay $20 through Paypal to whoever makes me the following 2 models so I can go and 3D print them for my project.

Now comes the hard bit, explaining what I want.

Lets imagine a box. The box is:

12 cm deep.
Walls of the box are slightly tilted outwards (roughly 15 degrees).
Top edges of the box aren’t just edges. They’re rounded outwards. Think coat hangers. Here’s a picture of what a cross section would look like from a side-on-view. The circumference (NOT diameter) of the semi-circle (or coat hanger bit) is 5.5 cm.

The picture above should give you a pretty good idea of what the box looks like (it’s like that all around)

The two things I want:

First Model

Now let’s imagine the box is filled with water and I want to segregate one corner with a spongy material. The sponge (we’ll call it that from now) will sit like this (plan view):

What I want is something that will keep the sponge in place (otherwise will just float around ofcourse). I was thinking something like a slot. The sponge would act like a cartridge and slide into the holder. Keep in mind the walls (or most of the ‘wall’ part) of the slot needs to be open as I want the water to go through the sponge (it’s acting like a semi-permeable membrane). Here’s a picture of something you could design.

You’ll notice I’ve dotted-ly circled the 2 ends in my drawing. Because:

I need to make sure the slot itself holds in place. This is why I described the weird rounded edges of the box. I want something that will simply wrap around them and will hold the whole thing. I won’t be battering rhinos against the sponge so it doesn’t even need to have a tight fit. Just something that will comfortably sit and not fall off. Though do keep in mind the wall itself is slightly bent outwards (15 degrees roughly).

As for the length of the slot itself, 35 cm should be fine. I can always cut the sponge so there’s room for error there.

The slot needs to be 2.5 cm thick.

Hopefully from all the above you can figure out what I want.

Of course, you could go completely against my idea and come up with something really different that will keep the sponge in place (no not glue. I’ll need to be changing the sponge every so often).

Second Model

This is simple. All I want is a box with a depth of roughly 8 cm. One of the edges will need to be somewhat like the edge of the original big box. I plan to hang this little box onto one of the edges inside the big box.

Box side lengths can be 20 cm by 20 cm.

If I could have this modeled as soon as possible it would be awesome. I played around with Blender for a few days and I know enough to assume this really shouldn’t take long at all. $20 seems like a fair amount.

Given that I’m not an active member at all, I could always run away with the models once made and not pay. For this reason I’ll give $10 upfront, and another $10 once I have the models sent to me. All payments will be made through Paypal.

Please reply to this thread or send me a PM.


P.S Sorry to the moderator if this is a double post. Wasn’t sure if the first one went through because I got signed out.

Would we have to actually model/sculpt a sponge or would a cube do? I might be interested.

“Side lenght” like the bottom?
p.s. I’m almost done with it just what formats would suite you bets? How to send it to you?

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