Quick wallpaper

I’m really into soft, blue stylish wallpapers. so I decided to make my own.

Modelling time (if you can call it that): 2 minutes
rendering time: 5 seconds

I call it “Layers”


i think the problem is that the edges are too sharp, thus drawing too much attention to them.




nice… 8)

needs more “Blending” effect.

Kinda dull…but then again, my wallpaper is a bright sunset!

I really like soft, bluish tones in my wallpaper, too. I think I’ll use this. My new wallpaper… Here is my old one:
Not too soft, but…

don’t think i ever thought of making a wall paper yet

wasn’t thinking about it so much that i thougt you were talking about wall paper for your house and was wondering why anyone would want to make a wall paer for there house on the computer. and was also wondering why the would make a wallpaper that didn’t tesilate.

then it hit me it was for your desktop!!!

i’m just a little slow today

oh yeah lover your wallpaper and i do like the sharp edges on the blues.

(and for all those others that are confused its wall paper for your desktop not your wall)
(yes YOU i’m tlking to you. the one that glanced up at the wall to see how many holes are in it)

great wallpaper

I hate blueish soft wallpapers.
I’m using this:

there’s highres png file at: http://basse.no-ip.org/kde/