Quick way of numbering 100 models?

Hi! I’m 3D printing 100 tiles that I made myself, because they have to be assembled in a certain order (To form a map) I want to number them at the bottom.
Is there a quick way of doing that without having to continuously repeat adding a text object, going into edit, aligning it to the bottom, boolean, and apply for each individual piece?

You’ll want to use geometry nodes:

Then you can just change the string value for each piece
If you need it to be manifold, you can extrude a second time:

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Thanks for this!

I’ve copied what you’ve done but it’s not working for me.

I’ve never used nodes before so I’m probably doing it wrong.

Try playing with the Transform values. Try setting the X and Y translation to 0, see what happens there. You can also switch the Mesh Boolean to a Join Geometry temporarily to see better what’s going on

Do I need to select all objects while adding the geomerty modifier? Or do I need to add the geomitry modifier to only 1 object

You’ll need to add it to all the objects and then make a unique copy of the Geometry Nodes for each object, so you can have a unique string value per object

Ok, so I just make it for 1, then copy to all, then change the numbers for each one?

Yeah that should work :slight_smile: I’m sure there’s a way to speed that up with scripting, but I’m not sure

So i’m assuming the translation X & Y mean the location on the object right? Because I’m not seeing it still, no matter what the values.

number_objects.blend (1021.3 KB)
Not sure why that’s not working for you, you can try mine

I tried, your file shows up fine, if I copy paste it to mine, it makes my object all wrong.

Without it, it looks like this

I got it working by setting the offset scale to 0 in Extrude Mesh and setting fill curve to N-gons.
Can you explain why that helped it? I’m trying to learn as I go, so the nodes start to make some sense but that part didn’t so much

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I’m going to be real with you, I have no idea why that worked :sweat_smile: I don’t know much about geonodes, to be honest. Glad you got it working!

New problem, I copied the node to the next object, and now it’s not doing anything for that object? Also added a geometry node modifier…

By default, when solidifying from a 2d curve, the extrude node creates open geometry which is not suitable for booleans.

To fix this, flip the faces of the original geometry, join it with the generated geometry, and use a merge by distance node to weld them together.

Also, I would recommend disabling “individual” so the faces are extruded together without additional interior faces.

I’d show you a screenshot, but I don’t have my laptop with me at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah this is a bit too advanced to wrap my head around. Right now I’ve got it working like this:

But now I need to set the origin of each model manually because they are all over the place and they need to be in the center on that flat face. Any idea if there’s a quicker way of doing that other than selecting the 3D cursor, clicking somewhat the middle of the bottom face and then set origin to 3D cursor?

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Select all, set origin to Center of Mass (Surface) will at least center the origin per item