Quick ?.

What’s the best way to make a character do a complete 180 while walking? Like you press Up Arrow to walk forward, but when you press the Down Arrow, the character spins around 180 degrees & goes the other way.

there is no good way, you’ll have to use python to rotate the object and play your rotate in place animation, while not allowing motion until the animation completes [use a timer property to check how much time has passed]

seeing as there’s essentially only one way [other than deciding you don’t need to do that… or rotating your character for the next logic tick… like in mario] that way then is the “best” [as bad as it is] way

I’m doing something like that. I have 4 empties vertex parented to the character so they always stay in front, behind, left and right. Then I use a track to actuator for the direction. I use a python script but I think it might be possible without one.