quickDraw - sketch in grease pencil and convert to geo!

quickDraw is a tool that automates many of the tedious processes involved in working with Grease Pencil. It creates a very easy way to draw in Grease Pencil and have reasonably solid geometry come out of it with one click. I have looked to programs like 3D Coat and Gravity Sketch for inspiration and focused on bringing them to GP in a very simple to use way. This is a plugin for Blender 2.81, it will not work with prior versions, however all future versions will be supported. I have found this tool invaluable for quickly sketching out shapes and details and I will be dedicating time to improving it on a weekly basis.

Version 3 is here! This is a major update with some really cool new features:

Watch this tutorial to see more:

Please check http://www.alksndr.com/quickdraw for a detailed walk through of what quickDraw is and how to use it if you would like to read and just see GIFs instead.


Cool seem very useful for sketching, will give it a go tonight

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looks like a really cool tool, thanks for all you effort!

I’ve got a small issue, probably something I’m doing wrong, but when I go into drawadd and try to ctrl-d after drawing a simple shape I’m getting -

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Hey, the solution for this is to install MeshTools and TinyCAD.

They are free and come with blender. I will update my documentation to make this requirement more clear. Thanks guys!

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Look into bpy.ops.preferences.addon_enable() and addon_utils.check().

You can automatically activate those addons, if they aren’t, as you register your addon.


Thank you so much, I will definitely be doing this for V2 in the coming weeks.

I would also like to formally open the door for suggestions from all of you guys, at the moment my number one focus is cleaning up code and making sure its as fail-safe as possible… But I’m very open to new ideas that are within the spirit of the tool.

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thanks, works like a charm!

One minor thing, not a real issue, but instead of a .7z file you could use a .zip, one less click to install.


Why not putting a ‘beautifying’ option (with various flow smoothing intensities) to all kind of strokes (as is in the circle and the straight lines)? It is a feature that many drawing apps have anymore. And in this case would be very useful. Making hard surface parts with purely hand drawn lines is difficult, so why not having such a help?

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Thank you, I will definitely have a zip file for V2!

@Fatesailor - Grease pencil sort of has that by default, located here:

however I will consider having some kind of hotkey popup for it. There’s also just holding down shift to draw smooth lines.

I’m also noticing a lot of times its the end of the strokes that have a little weird piece that hooks into itself just because of typical hand imprecision, so right now I’m prototyping an option that will grab the last couple of points on each end and smooth them out. So precision and making the drawing cleaner for hard surface stuff is on my agenda!

Will let you guys know when v2 is close to release. Thanks again to everyone who has shown interest :slight_smile:


This is great! Keep the good work, it goes to be a very useful tool! :smiley:

This looks really great and I bought it over the weekend. What about an “ellipseit” tool to go with the roundit?

This looks exactly what I wanted for quick concept making. I can’t wait to play with it tonight.

Version 2 is coming up soon

I’ve added some precision features like Straighten slider, which opened the door to having 2D bevels and beveling the final object in a nice way. Also big shout out to Machin3 for helping with not only the entire script, but the drawExpand feature in particular which now works without showing the user that the view was changed.

Hope you guys like it :smiley:


Is there not a way to produce the tubes with caps (as solids)? By having solid tubes someone can sketch whole base objects for sculpting.

Is QuickDraw actually the same as GCUT?

Yeah, I can make an invisible circle at the origin to serve as the cap. I think the only way to change the width then is to change the size of the circle though, which is annoying. Instead, I was planning on making the VDB remesher fill caps for you, so you can just grab a bunch of my open ended tubes and remesh them into one object.

No, the fundamental difference between quickDraw and all of the other GP addons at this moment is that quickDraw is entirely shortcut based, no clicking in panels. I am also using tinyCAD for some extra operations that lead to more accurate geometry coming out of the sketches. GCUT looks good though and is definitely jam packed with cool features. I am just focusing on a different market… namely just concept artists wanting speed and simplicity.

Heres a very early preview of Infinite Surface, a new constraint for drawing. Ever since GP came out I’ve wanted to be able to draw things off a surface in perspective instead of having to move the camera every time.


This would be the best solution really!

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Excellent, this is bringing my concept workflow in 3D Coat to Blender. I purchased it and it’s a good start. Something I’d like to see is an Ignore Back Faces option for the Ctrl+E operation, so I can create some geometry only on the side of the source that’s facing me.

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New and improved ReMesher.

Looking to get V2 out this week!


V2 is out! Please check the first post to see the new video link and check your emails for the gumroad link to the updated version :slight_smile:

Notable changes:
W now enters draw mode instead of D
Remesher is much better
DrawMove is very useful for creating edge loops now and you can choose to cut through to the other side if you’d like
Straighten slider for precision
Tons of general workflow enhancements

I will get started on V3 after LightBox Expo next week, and shoot for a release that coincides with 2.81. Hope you guys like it!