quickDraw - sketch in grease pencil and convert to geo!

This looks really interesting. I’m curious though, would it be possible for the pipe generation to take stroke thickness/pressure into account? Keep up the good work!

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Yeah it is possible, and it will definitely be a feature in V3.

quickDraw 3 will be a much bigger update than 1 to 2 was, I have a long list of things to do to take this to the next level :slight_smile:

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Nice, thanks for the reply! I’m attempting to use the addon with the nightly builds but am getting this error whenever I attempt to use a QuickDraw function:

Hey, it seems like they’ve changed something with the API regarding the GP materials… quickDraw 2 doesn’t support 2.81 or nightly builds officially, I am still on 2.8 so that’s the only one I know works.

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Aleksander can you implement to the add-on such a thing as in the video below? Just a spherical or ellipsoid chunks producing way. You just draw a cyclical shape with the grease pencil, click to a ‘mesh’ command and voila… you have a ready made mesh chunk.

I think that this is the most intuitive way for building rough sculpture armatures. You build your rough sculpting shape, you unite all the chunks with the voxel remesh and you are ready to go on with the refinement.

The small app in the video is a very old app but the way it works can give a fairly good idea for a new modern tool:


Consider it done for V3, this is pretty simple. Thank you for the suggestion, I like it.

Current plan is next release out by end of September, I will start sharing GIFs in a week or two. So far I have about 10 new features coming and a new interface. Thanks to everyone that has shown interest :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that you have a lot of further plans for the add-on Aleksander, it has the potential to be a very powerful tool indeed. So, keep the good work. :smiley:

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Thought it was time to share this. I’m converting GP to bezier curves for quick editing, then back to GP strokes so you can continue to draw or just create the shape. This is going to be very cool not just for 3d shape creation, but for drawing when you want to just make a simple edit instead of redrawing the line.

Oh man, so many new things coming. Very excited. More info soon.


Hi Aleksander! Any news?

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Hey man! I’ve been going in and improving the systems and converting everything to modals. Here is a preview of the new Tuber system, it keeps the size of the grease pencil stroke and then instead of messing with the sliders you just hold a button down now and move your mouse. All of the tools have this kind of logic now, no more tweaking sliders! Just hold S and move mouse to simplify if you want, and usually its not required.


I also have the teddy bear thing you posted working, its too much to show in one gif because its part of the whole drawing shape modal thing but I am expecting to release it all before end of September. I realized it was nothing more than just adding a subdivision and a corrective smooth with the right settings, so its very easy.

Oh also, I have a new drawing surface system. Its working really well. I’ll make a new youtube video that will walk through the tools.

Thanks for the interest man :slight_smile: the support has been incredible and its why I’ve been able to develop it and improve it.

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Happy to hear those news! Keep the good work! :smiley:

Shout out to free script ViewportRoll by FlarelessRoam, it wasn’t working as it is an old script but I was able to update it and add a little bit of functionality to it. Here’s a preview.

You hold R and move mouse to rotate, you can use the MMB ALT SHIFT combo while in it to snap your rotation!



First pass on a sketch clean up tool. Pretty useful to be able to draw however messy you usually do and then just get a reasonably accurate one line version of that before you convert it to geo.



This is looking incredible! I’m going to get this and implement into my workflow without a doubt. I’m a concept artist and drawing my shapes out is something I’ve fantasized about for years!

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Thank you Joe! Very glad to hear it.

I have an announcement :slight_smile: I was able to figure out lofting, this was a very big goal of mine when starting to develop quickDraw and its finally getting closer.

As you can see we have simple bridging between GP curves, creating lofts between GP strokes, and creating patches between 4 strokes. The patches require perfect intersections, and since this is difficult or impossible at the moment, I created another tool not shown which is called fakeMerge. It simply lets you select some points and bring them to the last selected point. Super useful.

I hope you guys like it! I think I am now feature locked, just going in and refining and bringing everything together.

edit. Another one of the bridge, I realized I simplified the first example to 2 points so its not very impressive that it worked :stuck_out_tongue: here you can see it works with any amount of geo


V3 is out! Video tutorial is in the first post. Let me know what you guys think ))


I decided to not wait for the modifier, so having easy access to the remesh is back. It fills holes automatically and gives you the choice to combine the selection first or do everything separately.


Mind to tag the title of the thread as commercial?
Thanks in advance

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Aleksander the ‘Teddy’ tool works ok but there is an issue… whenever you accomplish a shape you have to go through all the process for creating a void grease pencil object so as to draw another shape. The needed thing, however, is to be able to produce shapes one after another intuitively and quickly. So, is there not a way to produce a new void grease pencil object in the scene automatically after finishing each shape?

Such a thing would be very helpful for being able to build base sculpt shapes in a creative way. You produce the shapes, one after another, and you unify them (by booleans or by the new voxel remesher of the 2.81)!

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Hey Fate, are you not just pressing W to create a GP object? Even in the Teddy video you can see the UI change from “creating a freeform object” to “menu” which has create cut mirror etc, its hard to imagine a setup that doesn’t give the user a choice before they start drawing again.

However, I still do have a solution that you will like! I am hoping that by early January I will have a system that allows you to draw multiple shapes in one GP object and then convert all of them at once into individual shapes. It will be in all tools and should help with the constant pressing of W.

@Peetie, thanks, did it!