Quicker way of switching between vert, edge, and face select modes?

(Dan) #1

Is there an easier way to switch between vert, edge and face select than by pressing the 3 key combo ctrl+tab+number that does not involve the mouse? If I could just hit one key to switch between modes that would be much better in regards to workflow.


(BeBraw) #2

I made a patch that allows you to cycling of modes by using ctrl-tab. Use ctrl-shift-tab to cycle in other direction. You can find it at http://bebraw.googlepages.com/cyclesel4.txt . I don’t guarantee that it will apply without problems. If you are lucky enough, you only have to tweak those defines a bit.


(darkcgi) #3

as far as i know ctrl+tab is in the standard blender release


(Duoas) #4

It has always been Ctrl+Tab,<digit>.
BeBraw’s patch gets rid of the number and instead causes it to go vert->edge->face->vert, or if you add the Shift key it goes the other direction.

All menus in Blender (except the unusual spacebar menu) permit you to press a number to select an option. So, for example, select edge loops is Ctrl+E,7.

I believe that 2.5 will let you assign your own shortcuts for things like that (but I don’t know for sure). In any case, there is no other way around it for now.

BTW. Ctrl+Tab is a common kbd shortcut for switching between tabs/windows/views in many programs. For example, use it to switch between tabs in FireFox. Add the Shift key to go the other direction. I know that it feels odd to use the shortcut at first, because our left hands haven’t been trained to use the keyboard that way… but after a short while you’ll find it second nature to use…

Hope this helps.


(DReynolds) #5

Hi all.

A quick question, is there any other combo than ctrl+tab?

I know that works to go into pose mode on armatures as well, but I’m working on Linux. And at least I know with KDE, ctrl+tab is the hot key for switching between multiple desktops. So the moment I press it, blender’s no longer active and I’m looking at Amerok media player or something.


(Duoas) #6

Alas, no. You’ll have to go to the KDE Control Panel and change the switch desktop shortcut to something else.

Also, I was wrong about 2.5. We’ll likely get assignable shortcuts sometime in 2008.


(BeBraw) #7

Priest: You can configure KDE (Configure Window Behavior) to block global shortcuts for wanted programs.


(DReynolds) #8

BeBraw: wow, thanks. I’ll have a look into that. Be great if I could just block it while using Blender.