Quicker way of switching between vert, edge, and face select modes?

Is there an easier way to switch between vert, edge and face select than by pressing the 3 key combo ctrl+tab+number that does not involve the mouse? If I could just hit one key to switch between modes that would be much better in regards to workflow.

I made a patch that allows you to cycling of modes by using ctrl-tab. Use ctrl-shift-tab to cycle in other direction. You can find it at http://bebraw.googlepages.com/cyclesel4.txt . I don’t guarantee that it will apply without problems. If you are lucky enough, you only have to tweak those defines a bit.

as far as i know ctrl+tab is in the standard blender release

It has always been Ctrl+Tab,<digit>.
BeBraw’s patch gets rid of the number and instead causes it to go vert->edge->face->vert, or if you add the Shift key it goes the other direction.

All menus in Blender (except the unusual spacebar menu) permit you to press a number to select an option. So, for example, select edge loops is Ctrl+E,7.

I believe that 2.5 will let you assign your own shortcuts for things like that (but I don’t know for sure). In any case, there is no other way around it for now.

BTW. Ctrl+Tab is a common kbd shortcut for switching between tabs/windows/views in many programs. For example, use it to switch between tabs in FireFox. Add the Shift key to go the other direction. I know that it feels odd to use the shortcut at first, because our left hands haven’t been trained to use the keyboard that way… but after a short while you’ll find it second nature to use…

Hope this helps.

Hi all.

A quick question, is there any other combo than ctrl+tab?

I know that works to go into pose mode on armatures as well, but I’m working on Linux. And at least I know with KDE, ctrl+tab is the hot key for switching between multiple desktops. So the moment I press it, blender’s no longer active and I’m looking at Amerok media player or something.

Alas, no. You’ll have to go to the KDE Control Panel and change the switch desktop shortcut to something else.

Also, I was wrong about 2.5. We’ll likely get assignable shortcuts sometime in 2008.

Priest: You can configure KDE (Configure Window Behavior) to block global shortcuts for wanted programs.

BeBraw: wow, thanks. I’ll have a look into that. Be great if I could just block it while using Blender.