Quickly de-install / re-install an addon for updating it's code?

Hello, is there a way to quickly update the code of your addon to blender ?
i way thinking of doing the uninstall then reinstall the same addon with an automation. something like that should surely exist isnt it ?

You talking refresh so Blender sees the changes to code?

(of course the refresh button don’t actually refresh addon codes…)

Honestly the best way to do it is to write a script that unregisters all of the classes, reloads the python modules, and then re-registers the classes. After that you just press a button.

okay im going to write a script then.
it could be so much easier if sublime have a link to blender…

Be the guy who writes one :slight_smile:

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added to my to do list.

here we go

Script-LiveLink_V4.py (10.6 KB)