Quickly replace a great bunch of hi-res objects with low-res -> how to

Hi There,
Is there a way to quickly replace a great bunch of objects with a low-res substitute?


all different objects or same duplicate objects ?

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No duplicute objects, but copies

so same mesh data for objects!
make a copy of your file just in case!

modify one object with some new mesh data
then select all objects and last object with new mesh data and use L key to transfer the data

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Thanks, that did the trick!

I’m very confused.

@RickyBlender, which version of Blender is your answer for?

In Blender 2.82:

  • with Blender Default keymap preset, L is “Select Linked”
  • with 2.7X keymap preset, L is “Make Local”
  • with industry compatible preset, L is Nothing.

Did you mean, “Link Data”?

If so, the keymap for that is:

  • in blender default keymap preset: “CTRL+L”
  • in 2.7x keymap preset: “CTRL+L”
  • in industry compatible preset: Nothing

Also, it should be noted, that linking data causes every object with linked data to share the same data, which might not be what Kathman wants. Kathman might want every object to be unique. If he was asking for the resulting data to be independent, then a followup step would be required: Select all objects and perform “Make Single User”

it is Ctrl-L for link data

problem has already been solved !

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Ah, thank you for clarifying.

problem has already been solved !

I was simply trying to provide the thread with more information, since (as you might know) others will stumble onto this thread eventually through search engines, and the keyboard shortcut provided might not work with the keymap preset others happen to be using.

I suggest answering with either all 3 current keymap presets in mind, or (if that is an unreasonable amount of work) providing context menu answer, such as “In your 3d viewport, go to Object > Make Links > Object Data” etc etc.

Also, I realize that historically, blender is a very keyboard shorcut centric program, but as Blender modernizes and appeals more to novices and/or industry, keyboard shortcuts are changing, and some things are ending up in menus. Many times I have searched for answers on google, and the answers were all completely unuseful because the answer involved using an obsolete keyboard shortcut for a mysterious unnamed operator. This could’ve been easily resolved if the answer was a little more specific as to what the operator is, and how to find it.

Nevertheless, thanks for your answer.

I know what you mean
but question was a bit vague so was waiting for more details

and answer should be short and not reproduce the Wiki doc
another thing is that you never know the experience the OP has so hard to tailor an answer !

but OP can always ask for more details if needed

thanks for adding a lot more details
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Right… in which case, as of Blender 2.80, you can never know which keymap preset the user is using (unless you ask or they tell you up front), so it’s no longer a good idea to answer with keyboard shortcut answers. Best to answer with “operator name” (i.e. Make Link) and where/how to find it. (i.e. Open Search Box and search for “Make Link”) or Find it in this menu: Object > Make Links > Object Data. In either of those cases, you’re tailoring the answer simply for all users, regardless of what keymap preset they are using, and you’re ensuring people 5-10 years from now can still find your answer useful, even if the locations/names of things have changed a bit.

Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Personally, I clicked on this thread out of sheer curiosity because it is a public forum where anyone can participate, and I was interested in learning how to do something new. I had to spend 20 minutes figuring out how your answer was a solution. lol