Quickly Straightening distorted UVs

Hi everyone!

Just a little background, I learned 3d modeling on Blender about 5 or 6 years ago, got pretty proficient with Blender but wanted to try my hand on some commercial software. I then made the switch to MODO and found it much easier. Fast forward to when Blender 2.8 came out, tried it for a few days and didn’t hesitate to cancel my MODO subscription. I loved it and even after years of not using it, I realized it’s like riding a bike. Everything just came back to me and had no problems transitioning back to blender.

There’s only one feature I’m missing and can’t seem to find an add-on that accomplishes this. In MODO. when UV unwrapping I was able to select all my vertical edge loops quickly in the UV editor and align them all to be perfectly straight vertically. I repeat this process quickly again for the horizontal edge loops, takes a few seconds. In blender, I can only seem to do this with each edge loop individually, which gets tedious and very time consuming on complex meshes. Can somebody suggest addons to help me out here? I would like just a simple addon that’s not too bloated with features as I actually really like Blender’s basic UV unwrap tools. I checked out UV squares but couldn’t really tell if that’s what I could use to do this.

These 2 are the best addons for UV management.


UV toolkit