If not need extra option, don’t press alt button :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent , thanks for the extra option

Little improvements

Version 2.1


Works Fine , thanks again :grinning:

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When i use the script i have wierd shading results on pipe.

Video in the link below:

You can use autosmooth or add bevel

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Autosmooth dont work shading is still broken… And what You mean by add bevel?

or you can mark sharp corners to sharp

Share blend file please.

one issue to address, while creating pipes (with Alt) alone 3 edges of a cube, 2nd & 3rd pipes started twisting.twisted%20pipe

I have no idea yet how fix it automatically

it seems very complex. can spin be applied in turning points with correct angle ? my coding skill very limited. Sorry for failing to assist you.

Nice work everyone! I don’t have time to maintain scripts, so I’m happy to see it’s useful enough for people to keep working on. It’s very simple as you can see, it mostly amounts to a macro - so any weird geometry behavior is a result of standard blender curve behavior.

Also a quick housekeeping note: I don’t see much discussion around this fact, but technically all blender scripts are required to be licensed under the GPL, so anyone can do anything they want with the script. Please keep making it better!

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So I use Maya controls for navigation (Alt + LMB to rotate, etc). I noticed that it interferes with this script and using Alt to fix the pipe.

Version 2.2

Q - Match Pipe Width
Ctrl - 0.1 precision
Ctrl+Shift - 0.01 precision
Scroll wheel - change segments


I must be doing something wrong. If I hit Q all it seems to do is commit the shape without actually adjusting the pipe dimensions. I thought maybe having Alt bound to my viewport controls was why I was getting the same result before but now it’s just happening again with Q. :frowning:

This is what I see right after hitting Q:

Very useful. Thanks. Would be nice to have ‘segments = x’ onscreen indicator while mmb scrolling.

Mephist0 added it. He created a new thread. :smiley:


I work on a tablet and cannot change the number of segments

Same here, being able to switch between pipe width and segment count would be great. Like Boxcutter does, “a” and “s” will switch between the two and you can drag to set the amount.
Awesome script!