QuickPrefs - Access from side panel to Lighting Presets & often changed preferences

Update 1/8/13
*Update for API changes

Update 9/12/12
*New Feature: Save OpenGL Lighting Presets and Default Lighting Presets.
*New Feature: Import and Export Lighting Presets to share with your friends. (Feel free to post them in this thread)

Open GL Lighting - Great for sculpting
Mouse Selection Toggle -if you like right click with mouse but left with tablet
Align to view - I like adding stuff in world view but occasionally need the other functionality
orbit style - Some like turntable in most situations, but trackball in sculpting
continuous grab - tablets dislike continuous grab, mice like it
color picker choice - not sure if this one is needed. Do you guys ever want to change picker style on the fly?

Simple yet sweet.


Script is here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/QuickPrefs

Excellent addon, makes it very quick to change or adjust those opengl lights on the fly while sculpting, much quicker than having to open the user preference everytime.

YES! thanks great idea to implement.

Hi Sean,

I installed this add-on today. This is one beautiful tool. I’m migrating from Lightwave 3d to Blender, and the more time I spend with it, the more I am intrigued with it. And, it’s due to the talented people such as yourself who make Blender what it is. Thank you for this really cool, time-saving tool.


Yup! I’m very familiar with that method and use it quite frequently also. The problem lies at very high polycounts, matcaps require glsl texture mode, which happens to run slower than solid mode with just the default glLights. On my system I can sculpt up to about 1.5 million polys with the matcap method before I start seeing slowdown. With solid mode and just GLLights I can take it to 6 million without slowdown(next subdivide goes to 25 million, which brings my comp to it’s knees). In short, solid mode + high poly works better, If you are sculpting lower end stuff go with the glsl matcap.

On a quick side note, if you want to build your own matcaps, my friend Taron built a matcap creator for windows (works in wine on linux though, not sure about mac) Get it here:


Thanks for the compliment! Makes me warm and fuzzy inside! I actually just build tools I would like to use myself and then share them with the world after the fact. Glad some others like it too!

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Update on first post.

New Feature: Save OpenGL Lighting Presets and Default Lighting Presets.

Thank you ! thank you ! thank you !

A long time desired function that works very nicely.
Really should be a Blender default function.
Thank you again.

Great idea thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Really nice and helpful feature! Works great for me!

Absolutely agree. This one should be in the standard package

A problem i noticed :

When i enable the addon, in the N panel, i see the Lights menu, if enable i can then change the OpenGL light, i see your own presets and can create my own.

Now from there i load a new blend (i tried with both “Load UI” enabled or disabled) , the Lights menu is always there but every presets (even your own ones that are defined in your script) are not there anymore.

To get them back (your default ones, as mine are definitively lost for that new blend and will only be available for the scene i saved with “File->Save User Settings”) with the new blend i loaded, i have to disable then re-enable the addon.

Thanks for the heads up - I’ll look into it tonight when I get a spare moment.

Ok, I updated the script again to take care of the bugs. It will prefer presets saved to the blend first, if it finds none, it will load presets from the default presets directory, and if it finds none there it will load the default presets. I’ve also added a whole import/export UI so that you guys can more easily share presets without having to take on somebody else’s default b.blend.

Note - using ctrl+n or newfile before Blender revision 50515 will result in an empty preset list - there is now an add default presets button to lesson this pain though - after 50515 it should work properly (thanks for adding the feature ideasman!) You can get it at the same link above!

the script is nice. if only the download link at the wiki worked…

I get
Artifact: Invalid ArtifactID

me to!! :frowning:

link is here: https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/space_view3d_quickPrefs.py

Thanks for the link meta-androcto - I guess the link changed when the tracker item got moved into contrib. I updated the wiki page guys.

This script is fantastic. I just installed it finally… excellent.

Is anyone else having a problem getting quickprefs to turn on with the latest release?

Some issues I’m having with API changes - I’m working on updating it and my other addons as well. They are all broke at the moment.