Quicktime Compression?

Hi. For my Blender movies, where can I find a free program that will compress them into Quicktime format?



is there something wrong with buying quicktime?
the encoders I have seen (admitedly few) encode to older (less compressed) versions.

You would probably have better luck encoding to divx or xvid (though the latter is harder to instal codecs for)

Try this: VirtualDub

This won’t do quicktime but it will do many other avi and mpegs that are more universal, so eat it up!

Laurifer - On Windows there’s actually an option to compress the movie to Quicktime (implemented 2.28 I think) and they make quite efficient .mov’s

I guess you’re on Mac or Linux tho, sucks they don’t have codecs…

but yep, if ur going to go with something else, either go Mpeg or Divx, they’re the more heavily supported versions of codecs available (but why’d Divx have to go adware sigh)

I feel like such an idiot :expressionless: … I never noticed that blender can output in QuickTime. Thanks for pointing that out.


I tried doing a simple animation where a cube floats by a camera. I set the output to QuickTIme and left the settings the same. It rendered fine, but when I went to play it, it came up with an error: “Could not open file ‘*.mov’ because it is not a file QuickTime understands.”
Please help. Thanks in advanced.


know bug, on windows you have to say the complete path to the file you want to render the anim to, say c:\myrender instead of \myrender. Quicktime don.t know what \myrender mean and just don’t find the file, then it say can’t open…

Fix the path on the left of the render windows, the output tab: select the first fileselect and get the right path…

My path already starts with C:\ and ends with my Blender folder, but I am still getting the error message. :frowning:



I have never succeeded in getting the Blender QuickTime render to work either, so I took the plunge and paid the £25 ish to upgrade to QuickTime Pro. The results are fantastic, probably the best software purchase I have ever made.

Render your animation to TARGA images then use the ‘Open Image Sequence’ option and export to QuickTime. It will also convert to many other formats. If you want to go further you need to look at a purpose built compressor like Sorenson although that’s much more expensive. If you want to see the results possible from either of these options take a look at the movies on my website.



About Quick Time Pro, can it also compress into MPEG-1 and/or MPEG-2?


P.S. cog, your site is really cool!

Check a comparison of CODECs:

Get a good reference starting point:

Download some software to convert to any format:

Keep up on available CODECs:

Get a reference for a lot of CODECs

is there a way to render directly in mpeg,

think i saw a mpeg codec some time ago but i’m not sure.
(by this i mean a codec in windows loaded like a avi codec but output mpeg)

No, Blender does not have MPEG. Does QuickTime, though?


I have been playing around with the Bink video compression codec. It boasts better than DVD quality. It is actually an AVI codec, but I would think it would be worth looking into.


Performs quite well on my computer
2.08 GHz Athlon XP (2800+) with 512 MB RAM (Win XP Pro)

ya bink is a pretty old one but still unbeaten on quality. i like it.

Laurifer - Strange… sorry, I haven’t had the bug myself as such, and I actually have used it to create a Quicktime mov of a 180 of one of my characters… Have you tried with earlier versions, as it may be that 2.33 has had a glitch in it or something, and the time which I successfully exported to mov would be a few versions back

Either way, sorry I couldn’t be of help… (and I’m also interested if Quicktime Pro can compress Mpeg1/2)

Quicktime doesn’t support direct MPEG 1/2 exporting, even in Quicktime Pro. Apple doesn’t have any form of MPEG-1 exporting, at least not in my experience. I recall reading a while back that this was done partially as a concession to the film industry who are not happy about piracy and VCDs.


They do have an MPEG-2 encoder with their video editing and DVD authoring products, including both the free and professional packages – but those applications only run on Macs.

Check out your DVD burning software (if you have it), you may find a basic MPEG-2 encoder was included with your computer.

I got a book on DVDs and how to make them. It is very interesting and it says that DVD-ROMs have an MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoder in them. I was just wondering if Quicktime had it too.

BTW, on the release notes, I did not see anytning about exporting .mov.


I’m on a Mac and had no trouble making a QT movie with Blender’s presets and the free version of QT. I have kept up with the updates for QT. I suppose it’s possible that you’re missing something from an update.
Just a possiblilty.