Quicktime formats and Video Sequence Editor

I’m needing to make my presentations done in Video Sequence Editor (Blender) on my Linux box at home work on the school computers where I am a student.

Telling the tutors to download extra codecs etc is not an option. Please don’t open debate about this. It’s an intense industry based school and their slant would be that I would have to make sure my files are compatible with whatever clients viewers are.

Anyway, we have to show presentations on Friday. The format recommended is Quicktime, specifically “Sorenson Video 3”.

I tried a “default” quicktime playblast and it worked on my Linux computer in mplayer but not when I showed a preview at school (black screen).

I think I’ll save in each of the Quicktime codecs tonight to see which ones do work at school… but does anyone know how to make the Video Sequence Editor save as Quicktime Sorenson 3?

P.S. Linux methods preferred if using anything outside of Blender.

I have the same problem, … I’m trying to find a solution.

I think the Operating System makes a difference because Blender grabs the codecs which are used by the system. On a windows computer I noticed a new “Quicktime” option among the formats listed… and it allowed me to choose from codecs which included Sorenson 3. Pity all my playblasts and blend files were at home. This particular option does not appear on my Linux version of Blender.
To get Linux producing Quicktime, you have to choose Fmmpeg and then Quicktime from the video tab which appears. Sorenson is not listed as a codec. I know that I can play Sorenson video on my comouter, but making them seems to be another matter as far as Linux is concerned.