Quicktime problem (?) in 2.55B on Windows XP Pro SP3

When opening my recently downloaded 2.55Beta a error with QUICKTIME is reported.

Opening 2.54B reported a list of errors but this one. I wonder whether it will impede the works of Blender in some way?

There is one issue that might be related:

These images show two same render-icons, placed in the UI on different locations, that behave different. When clicked the green one produces the error shown in the second image. The red one just renders.

I do have Qt-SDK on my computer, but probably not in the right place, and perhaps not the one required by Blender. It is in my C:\Qt\2009.04-folder.

In a Blender Wiki-page I read:

Note: for the Windows builds Quicktime is expected at basedir/…/lib/windows/QTDevWin (which contains directories CIncludes and Libraries).

For the time being i shall keep my Qt-SDK where it is…

PS: this is also an exercise in posting here for me. The three images are because I temporalily could not load them up on my “seniorennet”-album.