Quicktime problems in Firefox

I just converted to Firefox today - this page looks so cool now:D All the fonts look much better, and the links at the top are in the right places;)
But I’ve had problems getting Quicktime working properly - for example with the embedded music on this page. It says “Click here to download plugins”, but when I do it says Quicktime is not available:confused: I’ve done the “Manual install” thing, but it can’t seem to find it once I’ve installed it:confused:
Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Never mind, it’s working now. I found a page explaining how to make it work, apparently several other people have had this problem. The stuff on my website still doesn’t work, but that’s because it’s made to work with IE (and therefore it’s wrong;)). It shouldn’t be too hard to fix.
Also, I found a really cool shiny black theme:D