quicktime VR animations

Hi, i have a project (chair) done in blender, that i would like to include in a Flash presentation. It will include sections/working documentation, but i want an animation that the user (of the website) can rotate the chair. I know i have seen these quicktime type where you can pan the view of a particular room. Any way, what is necessary to accomplish this. I tried searching for “quicktime 3d animation” in google, but i think i don’t have the right search querry. Hope that someone knows what i have in mind! thanks.


This uses javascript, but it does what you are looking for.

I don’t know anything about creating a flash animation…

I don’t know anything about it or how you’d get blender to do it but I believe you’re looking for “Quicktime VR”


that was everything i needed to know and more! looks like i’ll be going with the javascript Python script, and i will just make a like in my flash doc. Cool, lastly, quicktime VR doesn’t seem to have an open source equiv, and i dont have 300 bucks at the moment, but it is good to know the name of what i am looking for. Take it easy!

S68 (stefano) did a Quicktime VR using Blender. There are free tools to do it, you don’t need £300:

export script:

make cubic software - qtvr tools section:

Hey thanks thats perfect. Exactly what i was looking for! Maybe i can use a combination of the javascript and the Blender VR tool.

take care.

The Quicktime VR will most likely be faster, and more likely useable by more people (not all browsers have javascript capabilities, and some people turn it off just because it’s annoying bloat).

Keep us updated!

hi all!

guess what i found! there is an open source equivalent to MakeCubic (which i discovered is only made for Mac OS). It is called GoCubic, and you can dl it at this website and read their guide:

It allows to do the same thing, and you can either do cylindrical mov’s or cubic. My cubic one did not come out how i wanted, maybe its important to take the 6 images from blender and put them together in photoshop first, idk. So i think on my next pursuit, i may try the cylindrical method.