Hey all of you who make animationsand upload them to you tube i have something to throw out there just a bit of info…
QuickTime formats upload about 10 times faster than Avi
I bet every onea already knows this but well just had to throw it out there:o

Quicktime is the best movie format, for high quality and relatively low filesize (when compressed correctly (I use batch export utility, it can reduce the filesize outputted by blender by up to 100 times)).

On the web, flash video format is usually used though. Well, even if you upload in quicktime to youtube, it ends up being a flash video, but I always upload in quicktime.

Um… no.

Quicktime, like avi, is just a wrapper. What makes the difference in quality v size is the codec.

i usually use ffmpeg Mpeg4Divx Codec , mp3 sound file

Ok, then, a sequence of EXR files is then the highest quality movie. For a ridiculous size! (great for adding advanced postpro later on)

ok i wansnt trying to start an argument