Quicktime WON'T WORK!

How come every time i try to use the quickTime installer it constantly says that i need windows version pack 2 by running microsoft update when i’ve run microsof update at least five times!?

Try another player?

  1. what version of windows are you using.
  2. is it a legit, store-bought copy or an ahem unofficial copy?

you can download sp2 from microsoft & install it manually.

sack quicktime off, it’s invasive, full of nagging adverts and virtually castrated in it’s “free” form.

VLC is the way to go, like friday13 says.

…or this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuickTime_Alternative

Actually Quicktime isn’t all that castrated at all if you use MPEG Streamclip alongside it. You get pretty much all of the export options presented in Quicktime Pro, for free. (Though at present limited to stereo audio). :yes:

As for the adverts, just switch off the Content Quide option in the player preferences. I don’t mind Quicktime at all in all honesty, but then again it’s an absolute requirement for my Avid Xpress Pro editing software.

ah yes, we use media composer at work.

Fair enough if it’s a requirement - i don’t have too much against quicktime itself, just Apple ;), and for some reason it reminds me of Realplayer - does anyone still use that??


I saw cases in older windows where QT just would not install, after being improperly de-installed. Like, forever just would not install again.

Thanks everybody. Finished downloading VLC so far it works great.