I recently purchased a video camera ( samson zoom Q3 ) that outputs quicktime movies. I wanted to get these into the blender sequencer naturally, so I downloaded a free converter. I wasn’t very pleased with the output quality. So I am wondering if I should pay the $30 for quicktime pro? I don’t expect any fancy filters or anything, just want a quality AVI that blender will take. Anyone used it before, or have other windows software that does a good job, without a hefty price tag?

There is the quicktime alternative for free. Also, I think VLC (free) will play and convert a quicktime to AVI. If it came from a camera you may want to simply try and rename the file extension to MP4?. Using quicktime player you can view the movie properties it will tell you what codec the MOV file is using.

I use Quicktime Pro, it is well worth it just to have the export feature.

Thanks, Atom. I guess I’ll go ahead and shell out the dough then.

Why do you need to convert them? Quicktime is a container format not a codec, the Samson records mpeg4 SP and wraps it in a .mov container I believe.

Blender should import them easily straight from the Samson. Have you tried first?

If you want to demux/remux into matroska or .AVI container instead of .mov then GDSMux part of Haali media splitter will do the job or FFDShow Tryouts, or FFmpeg or Mpegstreamclip. :slight_smile: All free.

There is a very nice freeware converter called Super (here’s the link http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html) you can experience with different file types supported by Blender…

As for QuickTime Pro, I think that you won’t need it if you are looking for conversion only. It has however very useful features especially if you are on a Mac OS X Snow Leopard :wink:

Good luck :slight_smile: