quickTools - a set of addons for concept artists (QUICKSHAPE OUT NOW!)

Would be great if it would also support the maya navigation like in the industry compatible keymap.
Cause at the moment i can’t rotate or zoom the viewport and the expand and shrink function is not available cause its rotating the viewport instead.

Also i would remap the cancel to ESC. Im using a german keyboard layout where the accent grave is in a other position and i need to press ‘Ö’ instead. So it could lead to confusion if you guys keep it on accent grave.


Hey, exit will be Shift F in the next version. ESC is pretty useful to have free to cancel shapes.

Regarding the industry compatible keymap, this is a tough one… There are only so many keys available. If you have any ideas with what to change ALT for I’m happy to hear it. I wish Blender let you map CAPS LOCK to something, that would be a good solution.

By the way new versions of QuickDeform and QuickShape are on the way! Some really big improvements :slight_smile:

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I bought it and i love it. It truly does remind me of some of 3D Coats tools for extremely quick concepting

If i may offer one piece of advice though i would suggest you get some videos up to show more of what it can do. The instruction video is great but as an owner of both Boxcutter and GLasso draw i was on the fence on this one and the gifs did not really win me over. Fortunately i am addicted to great Blender addons so i caved and i am glad i did


Thanks for giving it a shot, and we’re glad you like it! More content is definitely coming. There are so many features that it was just impossible to cover it all in one video, we have plans to make a bunch of them!