quicky Sea Plane

This is a model of a Sea Plane that i made for a friend while trying to improve my speed at modeling. this was about 40 minutes from go to rendered. what do you think?

also, i’m always anxious for more practice, but i am terrible at self motivation, so if you tell me to make something, i’ll try my darndest to make it. (within reason, of course)

Nice! The only thing that I would consider adding would be some details denoting doors/windows, but I’m sure that would take you a ways past the 40 minutes you took to make it!

Good job!

Try to make a 4 sided triangle.

or if thats too easy, try to make an the angle of a triangle sum more than 360 degrees… or less.

finally, after you’ve mastered those, and im sure you will, why not make a highly detailed gun model (colt 45, sig p228…) i’ve been waiting to see one.

looks good for 40 minutes. and with the way i do math, its easy to make a triangle’s angles sum more than 360 degrees: you just add them wrong.

Alright, i’m cooking up a colt for you. I’m gonna try to do it fairly well, so it might not be a super speedy model, but some things i’d rather do well than fast. and i believe that the colt 1911 is one of the most beautifully designed firearms in history, so i need to pay it my respect with more than half an hour squeezing one out.

I started working on the colt, i haven’t even fired up blender yet though. i ran my source image through the gimp and hand drew in gradation lines on the main frame. this will help me keep the contours right in my mind. if the image doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s fine, i just wanted to show people how i start on a more complicated project, or one that i intend to spend a bit of time on.


Very impressive dedication you have, I look forward to seeing the finished project! I’m also glad to find another colt 1911 fan!

took the gradation map i made earlier into blender and traced out the main contour lines, and set their offsets to scale, so it is becoming a 3d object. just need to make sure i get all of the primary lines, then i can start filling in the curved transition lines between them, i might use subsurfing with creased edges to get the shape, but i will probably do it by hand.


looking fantastic so far. I working animation of the firing cycle would be stunning… but we’ll save that for later.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Animating it would be fun, i’ll do that after it’s all modeled.

started filling in between the gradation lines to give it some faces, i need to smooth out some of the faces, convert some tris to quads, but it is progressing. i really only work on this in about half-hour increments, i don’t want to burn out on it and throw it in the pile of half finished ideas, so whenever i get tired, i stop. it’ll get done eventually though.


no rush, you seem to be doing a bang-up job! animating it would be certainly noteworthy, especially if you could pull of a small explosion, as well as the empty shell being ejected!

wow! Well if you DO get burned out on the project, I’d be happy to pick it up.

moving right along with this. i’d like to finish up the frame soon, but i needed a change of pace, so i did a little work with the slide. i have the grip ridges in, and i am waiting until i am sure i am satisfied with them before i collapse the mirror modifier and add the ejection port, and slide catch notches.

i also separated the trigger and grip safety so that i could animate them later.http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/4369/screencap3kw3.jpg


Nice Plane too :stuck_out_tongue:

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