Quiet morning

My latest free time project.
Any critics are more than welcome.



Nice! Looks great! Looks and feels very realistic yet has charm too it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you like it.

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You’re #featured! :+1:

Amazing work how did you create the big tree and grass looks realistic.

Hi, glad you like it!

The trunk is a photoscan I made from a big tree in the park near my place. That’s why it looks good :smile:
The grass is made of three particle systems, just regular grass geometry scattered all over the place and the density is driven by weightpaint.
All the structures and the fences are built from the free debris pack from Megascans. They are so tiny you can’t really see any detail though.
That’s all.


How did you get so clean polygon mesh of that tree with photoscan, mine is always messed up. Did you get that kind of mesh in photoscan program or did you edit it in blender?

Forgot to mention ZBrush :slight_smile:
I remeshed the whole geometry, made a proper UV in Blender, reprojected all the detail, texture and exported a disp map, normal map, diffuse and so on. Tried to do it in MeshLab but have no idea how to do it, yet.

Awesome work man…

Nice work,how did you create foreground and background trees is it grove???

I had the trees laying around for some time… I think I made them with the modular tree maker addon back in the days, not really sure.
Should’ve worked some more on them, that#s for sure. :blush:

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I don’t want to criticize. It’s quite beautiful! I love this sort of thing…

Dreams of paradise.

Criticism is always welcome :slight_smile:
Still glad you like it.