quiet on the 10.6 graphicall front..

anyone avail. to do a 10.6 snowleopard build on graphicall.org ? last one is from 2nd of sept… month old :confused: and it just crashes for me.

btw 1/5 of macs are now using snowleopard.

Hmmm? I don’t think there is any Mac build which didn’t work for me so far. I’m using Snow Leopard and there are absolutely no problems with Mac builds on graphicall. Did you try them out ;)?

Maybe it works for me because I have Rosetta installed. On your install CD is a feature called Rosetta. It’s tiny just a few MB. It makes sure older applications like Freehand MX are working on Mac. Maybe this can help.

Snow Leopard should run any version on Blender for OS X. What seems to be the problem?

This has nothing to do with Rosetta, which is for running old PowePC apps on intel-based machines.

i tested just one build from graphicall on 10.6 a while ago. it worked even without rosetta installed.

if i’m not wrong, rosetta emulates the motorola architecture (non intel macs) and is not the best solution, because it’s slower.

ups, too slow

Yeah, too bad I’m still on Leopard.
I want my SL.
I was wondering if blender did work on it, now I know

Don’t let Blender hold you back from upgrading.

The 2.49b from blender.org works as expected on 10.6, even though it says 10.5, py 2.6. I think they’re minimum requirements.

I’ve also run various 10.5 builds of 2.5 from graphicall on SL. Those were buggy in various ways, but 2.5 isn’t even in beta, so that’s to be expected.