Quiet Room

Hi guys. I started this personal work as a way of experimenting with Eevee. As the time passes and the work progress, my inspiration changes and the pictures and videos below will show you where it all come from and were I’m right now. Critics are welcome.

I did use Blender, Eever, megascans.

The very beginning of the project

The first shift!

The second Shift

The third one

Where I’m right now, pretty much :wink: !

Some test I made

Decimated (from high poly source vs LOD0 (Megascan)

PS: Please note that what I’m calling a shift is a change in the design of this interior, a new idea to explore.
Also I’m doing my best to not show the whole room so you will still have many things to discover when I will finish this project.


woow, looks amazing

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These look great. What do you use for texturing?

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Thank you @2MJ ! All the texturing work was done in Blender.

Nice work.

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Jolie travaille bravo :sparkles:

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