This is a remake of an old idea, that i did with maya/mental ray. This time, done with Blender and Cycles.
Hope you like it!

well that looks pretty epic…

Beatiful work! Can you share your tips about grass variation?

Thank you guys!
About the grass variation, its just a simple texture map, plugged into the color slot of the shader.

Lovely peaceful sunny spot, slipknot66. The only jarring element is the stepping stones. Pavers in grassy yards are generally flat (since they are cut from larger rocks. See here or here for some examples of what I am talking about. The stones you have used are more like rounded river rocks sometimes placed across streams as stepping stones. But those stones are huge, so they are rarely installed as lawn pavers, and even if they were, the grass wouldn’t grow so nicely between them.

Thanks Orinoco!! You are right, about the stones. I will use your tips for the next project, actually theres a script to create that kind of stone!!:smiley:

Belo trabalho! :wink:
Really good grass.

Obrigado = Thank you Werlang!