This is my first model Quisp! He’s the cartoon character from the old ceral Quisp.

This is the model:


This is the picture I based it off of:

C&C Please!

EDIT: Bigger picture and no jagged edges pic is here:


looks nice so far

things to do:

select all objects and press [setsmooth] in the edit buttons
render it larger, press a button on the far right of the render options box, or change it to 100% instead of 50%

hope you have sucsess in the future!

Funny little guy.

If you look in the material window (F5) and change the shaders to “toon” you will get a more cartoony result. You could have a look at this tutorial, and try out different settings with the shaders

In the render buttons (F10) turn OSA on to get rid of the jagged edges.

Also have a look at this link which shows you how to set up a model for animation.

Thanks for the replies :smiley:

I used your advice rob about OSA and it looks way better now :slight_smile:

Here’s a larger render of it with some more toon shading, OSA on, and a reflective background.


Cool looking a lot better.

Here I simplified the toon settings:
First select one of the meshes and hit F5 to change the material

1: Set your preview to spherical
2: Change both of your shaders to “toon”
3: Size up the top shader
4: Size down the bottom shader


Just play around with different settings see what effeects you can get. Also Moving your light source around makes a difference.

Also, to make your image show up directly on your post, use this code : [>img]http://www.image.com/image.jpg[>/img] (but without those > signs, just put them there so the code wouldnt dissapear)

lookin’ good, except it looks like the arms and the propellor need a bit of a subsurf and there are some weird normals going on with his feet. To fix this, select all vertices and press CTRL+N

other than that, looks good