Quit threads with Blender UI and other trolling against Blender in general!

I`m tired to read in every thread about Blender interface not being so good, and that Max, Maya or etc software it is so…“outstanding”.

If you buy a brush from the store and paint with it , and you suck at painting , then the brush will not make a difference from a master to a dumb.

Why not start making some 3D stuff and accept things and post some threads that are with something to learn from them ?

If you want to troll and talk about UI etc like not like …go OFF TOPIC? instead making all the threads look like full of garbage instead of development news or something NEW??

Instead of battle of big raytracer`s or mumbo jumbo things?

All i read in here is "that render engine is better (go and use it! wtf?) , that software is better (so wtf you are doing on blenderartists ? or use blender ? go to that software forum …) , i dont like the keys (customize it ) , i dont like the theme (customize it?) , …

I bet for all non-talent …if they can`t do nothing …“Blender is faulty and Zbrush and Max and Maya and Softimage are the best!”

Kids , Blender is Blender , don`t like it use other software , cause it is free does not mean it will stick to your way of thinking.

I expect NEWS on the NEWS not in every thread same trolling. This is going like this for last 3-5 years ???

Can`t be a rule on the forum to have this “Only talk about feature request on feature request forum ?”

Or something like that?

Wondering , cause every thread is getting messy with “war of 3D apps”

Hey, some people might have ideas about UI development and stuff like that. If YOU don’t like that, don’t read this forum at all. Blender got better when some people actually started to think that UI could be improved. Blender (or any software) don’t need to “stay” like it was, if it sucks.

“if it sucks” …wow…so much objectiveness …so much

Personally I love the new UI. People are complaining about it being bubbly and horrible. Then go back and use 2.49b.
It is nicer to look at, and a more comfortable working environment. I am completely with you here.
Themes can be changed, key shortcuts can be changed. If you really want to check a proposal with everybody, make a .blend file with all of your favorite UI stuff and key shortcuts. And send it to the Blender Foundation. I am sure that Ton would happily look at it. (not like he has anything better to do :wink: ) And as a logical man he would them ask around if he thought something was either worth implementing or was a genuinely good idea that simply hadn’t crossed their minds before.

Stop trolling, see sense, accept that FREE MEANS FREE, FREE DOES NOT EQUAL PERFECT. (caps are totally neccessary, no matter how much you hate them)

I say enough with the endi threads, there aren’t really that many people complaining about the UI anymore. Go be productive instead of whining here.

I like 2.5’s UI better than 2.49 myself. The only improvement I’d like to see would be to add a sensitivity adjustment to the sliders somehow. A bonus would be the ability to cancel a slider adjustment by right clicking while the LMB is still held down (but CTRL-Z works well enough now).

Oh, and a way to shut off tooltips for individual UI elements. This is one that I might attempt to implement myself.

some bread?! — party.

btw I’m not that super much for the blender color scheme, download my themes below via links in signature. I recommend Softblend

I rarely post but I really enjoy reading other people’s ideas and opinions regarding the state Blender, be it UI paradigms, features, or whatever. Comparisons to Blender’s “competitors” is healthy too. Understanding the pros and cons of how other software tried to solve a particular problem is useful because Blender needs to solve said problems too - obviously those interested in Blender would like for it to handle the problems in the best way possible.

If you want a sterile place to read news without commentary and critique, you should sub RSS feeds to various dev blogs and such.

One thing is: an elaborated argument on an aspect of Blender’s design and functionality

Another thing is: this awesome genius who came up with the brilliant idea of making blender’s X configuration a default because he loves it and knows that it’s great. Or this other genius who discovered this incredible Company’s technology and wants to let Blender devs know about it so that they can put the feature in the trunk asap.

There will always be unhappy people. They should just hesitate more before posting.

ok, no hesitation, i’m posting because i’m happy :slight_smile:

Am curious do you use Blender yourself. I don’t think I have ever seen a scratch of work from you for all we know you could actually do zero with Blender.

If you are calling out people who complain about blender’s interface as been talentless, I would love to see your level of skill.

It still amazes me why some Blender user have the defensive mechanism of a nuclear submarine when ever someone criticizes Blender. Its just a 3D program for f*ck sake. You can’t honestly tell me you are this invested and have this much of an attachment to a program that any level of criticism brings out the battle axes.

I thought more work was scheduled be done on adding to/refining/improving the UI code once stablization of the 2.5x iterations is complete? Isn’t whinig about the UI a little premature? Same as the integration of Unlimited Clay, Freestyle, Bmesh and other GSOC projects?

Unfortunately this sort of attitude is pretty par for the course, especially with open source; the “It is free so you get no right to complain or criticise anything” attitude is pretty prevalent. Luckily, this sort of attitude isn’t as common from the actual people developing the software, who usually care about improving their software and not declaring blasphemous any opinion other than “this is perfect and could not be improved one bit”.

This community is good at talking nosense and bad at taking any kind of criticism.

Criticism is healthy and without it, no program would ever change.

I know the devs do pay attention to what some of the complainers say, they don’t always jump and do everything that the complainers says but the listen. And two recent examples are text anti-aliasing and the new way of splitting windows people complained about it. And there is now an option to turn of text anti-aliasing and the old way of splitting windows has come back. Would that had happened if no one bothered to criticize those aspect of the new 2.5 interface?

You don’t have to agree with what people say but don’t try and stamp out what the saying just because you don’t like it. so let people criticize and if you don’t want to hear what they got to say, simply read the thread title and stay out of the thread.

After having tried many times without the slightest success to learn Blender last year I made the last effort before buying Modo and, luckily, my action started when the first 2.5 beta came out. I haven’t bought Modo :D. Add some good looking color theme and Blender looks and feels really good.

The last examples from the Cycles builds and the talks about extending the node system to other functions beyond material description makes me dream of an XSI/Houdini look-alike.

Blender has still some strange stuff (like the UNIX-ism of having the keyboard input go the window with the mouse inside, without click activation) but they are minor problems.

There are different types of citicism

Low Self Esteem


I’m still of the opinion that creating a good UI is the hardest task a programmer faces. Heavy math and physics are relatively easy because there is a right result and a wrong result from those calculations. But when it comes to a UI you need to consider many other things, such as people’s taste and habits, “intuitiveness,” you have to include access to all of the program’s functionality and do it in a neat and convenient way. That’s an incredibly hard thing to do with a program as complex as Blender.

Regarding the attitude of “It’s free so don’t complain,” my experience has been that it’s usually a segment of the users of a program who take that attitude and not the developers.

I’ve written a few pieces of FOSS over the years so I know that it’s crucial to get constructive criticism from users if you want your program to grow and improve. There have been a number of occasions where I have solicited suggestions because I couldn’t decide for myself the best way to solve a problem (almost always regarding the UI).

Bashing and whining are worthless. Constructive criticism and suggestions can be invaluable.

I’m not sure I really like the tone of this thread. We should encourage constructive, useful critique, and help from others. That’s what it means to be open.

Let’s keep this community helpful, welcoming and respectful.