Quite possibly the wierdest game to ever come out of the Indie Scene.

And apparently using the Oculus Rift as well

Soda Drinker Pro

So I know the Oculus will probably get some in depth games and amazing experiences, but add support for the Unity game engine and some of those hundreds of thousands of young game developers with the free version will definitively bring out something really weird sooner or later.

I really couldn’t tell if I was wasting my time or really looking with intrigue at just how it’s been presented, though it would probably give Unity better publicity than that one cancelled Cricket game now regarded by some as one of the worst games of all time (even though the Oculus Rift will not be shooting taste particles onto your tongue or uploading sensory information into your brain anytime soon . :eek:

This has to be the weirdest one I have seen in recent years.

I don’t know man…i don’t think it’s weirder than “Don’t $#!t Your Pants”. :confused: